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KidsOClock Sim Plans are using Australia's Trusted Mobile Network

NOTE: These Sim Plans are for Australian Customers only. New Zealand customers can use any Local Network Provider in New Zealand.

All of our plans run on parts of the Telstra 3G and 4G mobile network, are pre-paid, and are automatically re-billed. Our plans DO NOT lock you into a contract, instead you are free to cancel your plan at anytime you choose. Sim Plans Specially discounted for wearable devices only. Also you can pause automated payments in your sim customer panel by your self.
$149.95365 Days

FreedomPlus 30Gb

✔️ PerDay only 0.41¢

✔️ $11.50/28Days Data 2.5GB

✔️ Approx 15 hrs Video Calls Per Month

✔️ Recharge 365 Days

$77.75180 Days


✔️ PerDay only 0.43¢

✔️ $12/28Days Data 1.6GB

✔️ Approx 10 hrs of Video Calls Per Month

✔️ Recharge 180 Days

$9.9528 Days


✔️ PerDay only 0.35¢

✔️ $9.95/28Days Data 0.5GB

✔️ Approx 2.5 hrs of Video Calls Per 28 Days

✔️ Recharge 28 Days

$11.9528 Days


✔️ PerDay only 0.43¢

✔️ $11.95/28Days Data 1GB

✔️ Approx 5hrs of Video Calls Per 28 Days

✔️ Recharge 28 Days

Plans for Mobile Phones

Are your kids growing out of their watches, or are you looking for a discounted plan for yourself? We offer tailored plans on Australia’s most premium network, specially designed to meet your needs.

$23.9528 Days


✔️ PerDay only 0.85¢

✔️ $23.95/28Days Data 15GB

✔️ Recharge 28 Days


$34.9528 Days


✔️ PerDay only 1.25¢

✔️ $34.95/28Days Data 35GB

✔️ Recharge 28 Days


Customer Panel for existing customers:

Why should we use KidsOClock Provided Sim Plans?

KidsOClock uses Australia’s trusted mobile network. Using parts of Telstra’s 4G and 3G mobile network, KidsOClock provides a 4G coverage footprint of 97.9% and a combined 3G and 4G coverage footprint of more than 98.8% of the Australian population covering 1.6 million square kilometres.

Can Existing customers move to new cheap plans?

Hi yes, Please email support@kidsoclock.com.au for a free sim card shipped to you. You can also keep your existing mobile number and move it to the most trusted Network of Australia.

How is per day cost for 365 Days is cheaper than 1GB/Month

FreedomPlus 40Gb is a 365Day plan while Medium 1GB is a 28 Days plan. Just by paying 12 months together the data increases to 3.33Gb Per month.

Why Do we recommend FreedomPlus 40GB?

FreedomPlus 40Gb is the best Value for Money as at just 0.41¢ a day you 3.3GB of data to be used Monthly. Plan comes with 40GB of data, Which can be used in 365Days. Also it includes unlimited calls and text.

Network Coverage Map

Please check the network coverage map before signing up for the plan. Please note that all our services are non-refundable once activated.