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Key differences between GL20 and GL30Explained

Battery Life and Stand by of GL30.

With our all new KidsOClock GL30 Real Time OS, we have increased the battery life to 48+ hours of standby. This makes GL30 the first Australian watch with an exceptionally high battery timing.  

Gorilla Glass in GL30

Gorilla Glass is significantly stronger and thicker than normal glass, making it an ideal choice for active kids. However, it’s still a good idea to use a screen protector at all times.

Blood Oxygen and Heart Rate Sensor in GL30

You can check your kids Blood Oxygen and heart rate via our app now.

Weather Reports

KidsOClock GL30 can also provide the latest weather reports for your kids’ current location


KidsOClock GL20

KidsOClock GL20

KidsOClock GL30

KidsOClock GL30