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Note: this is not Instructions manual. Its after you have followed the manual
Inserting sim

Please note that most people are not able to insert the Sim properly. Please look at the pictures in the manual and use the Spatula like tool to insert the sim. It makes a click sound if done properly.


Restart Watch after Sim inserted Properly

You must restart the watch after sim inserted successfully. As it says in the manual. To restart Simply go to the settings and reboot.


After Binding the watch to the App

It takes 15-20 minutes before the app can show you all the features. Please refresh the settings screen with finger swipe down. Once synched you can see all the features.

Some Thing to know about

What is GPS and LBS?

LBS is approximate position using Sim card Network Provider. If you want precise tracking Please Disable LBS under LOCAL BASE STATION. How ever if you are in a place where GPS signals cannot reach, we suggest turn it back on to get approximate positioning. Don’t get scared if its not accurate. That’s how LBS works.

Must set up the time zone for the GPS to work


GPS not working

by default, night mode is switched on. Please Disable night mode to make sure GPS works all day long.



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